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Le Sainte-Anne - Pre-order

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$249.99 CAD
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$249.99 CAD
Handle lenght

Ideal for small to medium sized fish. The ring opening is 14 inches wide by 24 inches long. The knotless, rubber-coated net has a depth of 24 inches. Hardwood is carefully selected from our local suppliers. Each well is unique and species can vary from maple to walnut to ash. 

  • Ring size: 14'' x 24''.
  • Handle length: 12"/24"/32
  • Total length: 36''/48''/56''.
  • Hoop wood selection : maple/black walnut or ash/black walnut laminate
  • Handle wood selection : Black walnut or ash or maple*.
  • Coating: 3 layers of Circa 1850 teak and tung oil.

*The species are random and this is what makes each well unique. However, if you have a preference please contact us and we can check what is in stock.

**Items on pre-order, approx. 4 weeks lead time