Who are we?

The company was started by two brothers who were both fly-fishing enthusiasts. From a very young age, they were introduced to fly fishing at the family camp in the seminary grounds. André, the camp's caretaker, despite his rather difficult to understand language, taught them the best techniques to catch the beautiful trouts. A few years later, at the end of an intense Atlantic salmon fishing season, the two brothers noticed how many salmon were lost while trying to catch them by the tail. They concluded that a landing net would increase their chances of catching the king of the river, since they would tire him out less once he was hooked. During the winter, they made a wooden landing net. The following season, the effectiveness of this net increased their success rate against Salmo Salar. During that summer, the many positive comments about the beauty of the landing net prompted the brothers to make more so that other anglers could benefit from it.

William and Antoine

A great fishing story always starts at the edge of a river with a Frero' net to capture your trophy fish.